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Enter the fascinating world of monodisperse particles.....

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Optimal for Particle Counters in Pharmaceutical Departments:    PharmaCount1510-Kit or Set

PharmaCount1510-Kit (showed without certificate) For this purpose the PharmaCount1510-Kit comprises an aqueous suspension of nominal 3700 particles per mL of two monodisperse particle size standards of a mean diameter of 12.5 microns and 20.0 microns. Their particle concentrations have been determined very accurately.

The accompanying certificate shows the number of particles ≥ 10.0µm and the ratio of this number to the number of particles ≥ 15.0µm as specification. The measurement instructions are described on page 2 of the certificate.
All measured numbers can be recorded into the 'Result Record Form' of the certificate. Thus, the property of accurate counting and the certificate itself are unified on one sheet of paper to document the current status of the particle counting instrument.

Scope of Delivery and Shelf Life....

Each Kit consists of a 25mL Blank, a 25mL particle suspension with a magnetic stir bar and a certificate. We also offer a Set which contain 3 kits of one particle size each in a stable box. The shelf life is 2 years with respect to the delivery date.

  Example of a Certificate   

  Price List   

Nom. Part.-
N10µ > 10.0µm
Certif. Part.-
N10µ > 10.0µm
Certif. Ratio of Particle
N10 / N15
Certif. Part.Conc.
N10µ > 10.0µm
Price Inventory
3700 Part./mL 3350 - 4040
1.42 - 3.25 < 10 Part./mL Kit Ph1510-25    Immediately available !
3700 Part./mL 3350 - 4040
1.42 - 3.25 < 10 Part./mL Set PC1510a25    Immediately available !
= the relative standard deviation of the mean is < 5%.
This means that the particles do have a very narrow size distribution.
Before starting the measurement with the suspension the
Blank will be applied to check wether the particle counter
is free of particles or still contaminated with particles.