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   MS Series:    Mixtures of Multiple Particle Size Standards

Multi-Size-Standards are aqueous surfactants-stabilized mixtures of manyfold particle size standards which have been analyzed very accurately due to their cumulative volume weighted particle size distribution Q3(x). The results are documented in an accompanying certificate.

In opposite to single particle size/calibration standards they enable to study processes in which the particle size distribution situation could change.
E.g. investigations of the quality of filter aids (syringe filter, membranes,...), because the particle size distribution will be different between what you put onto the filter aid and the filtrate. In the accompaying certificate the typical numerical data like d5, d10, d25, d50, d75, d90, d95 are listed as well as a graph which shows the complete cumulative size distribution.

Scope of Delivery and Shelf Life....
The 5ml or 20mL dropper-tipped-bottles containing a magnetic stir bar for easy homogenization. Each bottle comes with a certificate.
The documented shelf life is 2 years from date of delivery.

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Size Range
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0,2 µm - 2 µm   5mL

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1,0 µm - 10 µm   5ml

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