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Enter the fascinating world of monodisperse particles.....

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Optimal for Particle Counters:     Calibration Standards - LS Series

These NIST traceable particle size standards fully accomplish the requirements of particle counting instruments:
The particle concentration to measure may not be to low to guarantee statistical count security. It also may not be to high to avoid the   Coincidence Effect   which leads to definitely wrong measurement results. To overcome these problems we designed the solids content of each size standard in dependance of its diameter. The bigger the particles are the higher the solids content has to be to keep the particle concentration itself constant.
By this you will get with an approximately identical number of drops (listed in each certificate) a particle concentration of appr. 5000 particles per mL. This means you can start to calibrate or measure immediately with no need for time consuming consecutive dilutions of the size standard.

Packaging Sizes....

5ml or 20mL dropper-tipped-bottles with certificate.
As a budget-priced alternative 6 sets are availble, too. These sets contain useful compilations of the mostly needed calibrants and their certificates. The Sets are protected by a stable box containing either 7 bottles of 5mL or 5 bottles of 20ml each.

  Example of a Certificate   

  Single Calibration Standards   

  Price List   

Nominal Particle Size   [µm]Volume Catalog
Price Inventory 10 20 25 40 -- -- 7x  5ml LS0100a05 immediately available
--2.05.0 1020 25 --40 80 7x  5ml LS0200d05 immediately available 10 20 -- -- -- -- 5x 20ml LS0100b20 immediately available
--2.05.0 1020 25.0 ---- -- 5x 20ml LS0200b20 immediately available
----5.0 1020-- 40--80 5x 20ml LS0500b20 immediately available