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Enter the fascinating world of monodisperse particles.....

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Optimal for Particle Sizers:     Calibration Standards - HS Series

These NIST traceable particle size standards fully accomplish the requirements of particle sizing instruments which are not capable to count particles:
The particle concentration of these aqueous suspensions is relatively high: 2% or 3% solids content of particles. Thus even those particle sizers demanding huge liquid volumes for measurements can be calibrated without 'donating' a complete calibration bottle for one or two measurements only.
Despite the high particle concentration the particles are so ideally stabilized by a tailor-made surfactant mixture additive that they can easily be re-dispersed to separate single particles by simple shaking of the dropper-tipped-bottle.

Scope of Delivery and Shelf Life....

20mL dropper-tipped-bottle with a certificate which aditionally comprises the particle size distribution as a graph.
The shelf life is 3 years with respect to the delivery date.

  Example of a Certificate   

  Price List   

Particle Diameter
Rel. Stand.
Deviation (CV)
Volume Solids
150 nm 149nm ±7nm 3.3% 20mL 2% HS0015-20 New Product !
Immediately available!
180 nm 185nm ±5nm 3.0% 20mL 2% HS0018-20 immediately available
250 nm 251nm ±5nm 3.2% 20mL 2% HS0025-20 immediately available
300 nm 308nm ±10nm 3.0% 20mL 2% HS0030-20 immediately available
400 nm 401nm ±9nm 4.7% 20mL 2% HS0040-20 immediately available
500 nm 519nm ±14nm 1.7% 20mL 2% HS0050-20 immediately available
600 nm 621nm ±14nm 3.3% 20mL 2% HS0060-20 New Product !
Immediately available!
700 nm 738nm ±14nm 3.7% 20mL 2% HS0070-20 immediately available
1.0 µm 1.008µm ±0.028µm 2.2% 20mL 2% HS0100-20 available again !
1.5 µm 1.543µm ±0.030µm 1.6% 20mL 3% HS0150-20 immediately available
2.0 µm 2.06µm ±0.07µm 3.8% 20mL 2% HS0200-20 available again !
5.0 µm 5.15µm ±0.07µm 3.0% 20mL 3% HS0500-20 immediately available
7.0 µm 7.25µm ±0.08µm 3.0% 20mL 3% HS0700-20 immediately available
10 µm 10.25µm ±0.09µm 3.1% 20mL 3% HS1000-20 immediately available
15 µm 15.30µm ±0.10µm 3.3% 20mL 3% HS1500-20 immediately available
20 µm 20.01µm ±0.35µm 2.9% 20mL 3% HS2000-20 immediately available
40 µm 38.6µm ±0.4µm 3.9% 20mL 3% HS4000-20 immediately available
50 µm 52.1µm ±0.4µm 3.7% 20mL 3% HS5000-20 immediately available
75 µm 75.6µm ±0.4µm 3.2% 20mL 2% HS7500-20 available again !
100 µm 97.2µm ±0.9µm 4.1% 20mL 2% HS10000-20 available again !