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Shape Reference Particles:     Three-dimensional anisotropic Particles

Shape Reference Particles are microparticles with uniform but not spherical shape. They are designated to be applied for calibrating and testing of particle analysing instruments especially for determination of shape specific particle size and morphology. Typical application is the quality controll of image analyzing particle sizers and validation of shape-sensive particle sizing methods and precedures.
The currently available sporopollenin microparticles do have prolate spherical shapes which can be described by geometrical macroshape descriptors according to ISO 9276-6:2008. These data are documented in the accompanying certificate of analysis: Area equivalent particle diameter, volume, area, perimeter, the minmal and maxal Feret diameters xFmin und xFmax, aspect ratio, compactness, extent and form factor.
The sporopollenin microparticles exhibit a native fluorescence (green: FITC-filter set, red: TRITC-filter set) and can be detected with fluorescence capable instruments. The fluorescence signals can provide adequate shape information, because fluorescence is emitted from the outer shell of the particles. For application in fluorescence instruments e.g. confocal laser scanning microscopes or fluorescence particle sensors no additional labelling is required.

Scope of Delivery and Shelf Life....
Shape Reference Particles will be supplied as units of 100mg powder or as 3.0mL of an aqueous/ethanolic suspension together with a certificate of analysis. The shelf life is 12 months. The products are not designated for diagnostic or therapeutic use, but for laboratory use only.

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  Example of a Certificate   

  Price List   

Feret Diameter
xFmin    xFmax
Standard Deviation
xFmin    xFmax
Price Delivery Time
24.3µm    42.9µm ±3.3µm    ±3.3µm 3.0mL suspension 251-0121 appr.
1 week
19.7µm    37.2µm ±3.2µm    ±5.0µm 100mg powder
251-0113 appr.
1 week